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Nail art Mirror Powderr & glitter
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Name: Mirror Powder & Nail Glitter
Product Brand: TIEBEAUTY
Price: subject to quantity (500 minimum order)
Features: fine texture, shining eyes, nail art, makeup can be used
Product technology: onion powder mixed with sequins
Product material: PVC material
Product packaging: bagged, bottled, boxed
Weight: 1g ~ 3g
Customization Details: Accept OEM & ODM
Delivery Date: Mass production depends on the order quantity.
Environmental protection: GMPC, ISO22716, heavy metal detection of products, non-toxic detection of products.

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Product Detail
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Product Information

Operation method:
1. First base (if you are a novice, first base color, so as to prevent holes from appearing)
2. Use solid glue or phototherapy glue to mix loose powder (loose powder after such blending)
3. Spread the prepared loose powder evenly on the nail piece with a small pen, clean it after drying, polish it until the nail surface is flat, and finally seal it.
4. Common glitter can be applied, and the glitter effect UPUP.

The following are some common matching methods, which can be used to jump colors to light up fingertips, and can also be used as a base and matching of styles. Nail salon is the most common, but also the order rate is extremely high!!

Fine flash aurora effect:

The more advanced technique requires that the glitter powder is very delicate, creating a uniform glossy fine flash effect, which is very common in Japanese manicures! Generally speaking, pearl color, mermaid color, aurora color, etc. can be created in this way. Use super fine powder!

Operation method:

Tap a little seal on the background color, then dip a brush with a very small amount of powder and pat evenly. The upper seal layer after drying.

Very textured and gorgeous fine flash!

How to use

The most common use of super flash monochrome flash powder, compared with the general flash powder nail polish, its advantage is that the effect is brighter and brighter, the amount of flash powder can be prepared by itself, and the price is very cheap.[template id=”2803″]


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