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Color Cute Toe Nail Wraps
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Name: Color Cute Toe Nail Wraps
Product Brand: TIEBEAUTY
Price: Depending on quantity (500 sheets)
Features: stylish and simple, fast foot nail paste, easy to paste and tear
Product technology: laser onion powder transparent bottom
Product material: PET film or photo paper glue ink varnish
Product packaging: sticker OPP bag
Size: 22 stickers (55 * 98MM)
Weight: 2g ~ 3g
Customization Details: OEM & ODM Acceptable for Finger Type, Pattern and Packaging
Delivery date: 3-5 working days for pre-proofing after confirmation of drawing and collection, 7 working days for proofing including outer packaging, and mass production depends on the order quantity.
Environmental protection: GMPC, ISO22716, heavy metal detection of products, non-toxic detection of products.

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Product Detail
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Product Information

More than 23 years of OEM experience, using the latest technology independently developed, fundamentally different from ordinary Toe Nail Wraps, so that it is more breathable and does not hurt Toe Nails, waterproof, breathable, not afraid of washing, better gloss, new environmentally friendly materials.

Every sticker stems from our focus and love of beauty.

Material Selection: Introduce good quality raw materials from Germany, Taiwan and Japan to ensure product quality and pass GMPC and ISO22716 certification.

Process: Using CMYK four-color overprint (or spot color) bottom onion powder bronzing, after 9 process standard production, each piece of production takes up to 1 hour.

Technology: Innovation and R & D are the source of our life. As a technology-driven OEM factory, it is the mission of technology to continuously improve every process of products and innovate continuously in combination with fashion trends.

Export quality: Rich experience in the production of international brand Toe Nail Wraps has established a high standard of product quality. From samples to finished products, three times of quality inspection are required before and after to ensure the quality of each Toe Nail Wraps.

Environmental protection is harmless, international certification: it is our main responsibility to make every sticker and put the personal protection of beauty lovers in the first place. We have passed GMPC quality certification, ISO22716 standard system certification, heavy metal testing and non-toxic testing of products recognized by the cosmetics industry.

OEM customized processing procedures: according to your products and the desired effect, all-round customization, different product processing procedures are slightly different, depending on the product.

How to use

(1. Clean nails with alcohol wipe. 

(2. Choose a sticker with narrower width than actual nail size. 

(3. Trim it with scissors if the sticker doesnt fit the shape of back edge. 

(4. Use tweezers to fix it to the position which is 0.5mm away from back edge. 

(5. Cut off the extra part with scissors. 

(6. Adjust with sanding file to fit the front edge of the nail. 

(7. It will last longer if you apply top coat gel. 

(8. It can be removed after soaking nails in warm water for 2 mins.

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